Formerly North Gate Studios

Berkeley Advanced Media Studios

Broadcast Quality Production in Radio, Television and Podcast Recording

Broadcast Radio Studio

Multiple sound booths offer professionally engineered audio pre-recording or live broadcast of remote guests and hosts.  Remote connectivity is available via Comrex IP, ISDN, Skype or phone patch to studios and stations worldwide. Clients include: BBC, CBC, and NPR (including "1A", "All Things Considered", "Fresh Air", "Marketplace", "Morning Edition", "Planet Money", "Science Friday", "Snap Judgement" and "This American Life".

Television & Video Studio

Our broadcast television and video studio is equipped for live or pre-recorded guest interviews- and can accommodate your custom digital backgrounds (in HD 1080). Our studio can connect to any TV broadcaster worldwide via fiber through our transmission partner: The Switch (NY & LA).  With advance notice, we also provide studio quality video-conferencing for remote presenters- including two-way audience Q&A (via Skype or

Podcast Recording Studio

Whether producing locally in our control room or remotely (via phone patch, Skype, ISDN or Comrex IP), many of the biggest names in podcasting record here. Podcast series with hosts based from our studio include: "Against the Rules with Michael Lewis" from Pushkin Industries; "The Ezra Klein Show" from Vox Media; "Dear Prudence" and "Mom and Dad Are Fighting" from; "The Overstory" from the Sierra Club; and the "Science of Happiness" and "Technopolis" from UC-Berkeley.


Robert B. Reich

Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, UC-Berkeley

I use the Berkeley Advanced Media TV studio for weekly appearances on CNN and frequent appearances on the BBC, CBC, and Australian Broadcasting. The importance of the Berkeley Advanced Media Studios goes far beyond the branding of Berkeley in the public's mind. They're the primary vehicles by which this institution educates the public, beyond our classroom teaching and research papers. They're crucial means by which we speak truth to power. In this age of public confusion -- where facts, analysis, and logic are too often sacrificed to political or monetary ends -- this is more important than ever. 

"I use the Berkeley Advanced Media TV studio for weekly appearances on CNN..."

Our Clients